Welcome Warehouse is inspired by God's love to offer help & hope to those of us who are temporarily in need.

Serving the Dublin City School District Community since 2006.

Emergency Household Assistance


What is Emergency Household Assistance?

Welcome Warehouse offers emergency financial assistance to Dublin households facing a financial crisis. Emergency Household Assistance is available for the following services:

  • Utilities (gas, electric, water) (cable or internet services will not be considered )
  • Phone (includes cell service if land line is not available)
  • Transportation (includes gas cards, bus passes)
  • Medical Equipment/Prescription Medication/Eye Glasses
  • Food (grocery card)
  • Welcome Warehouse DOES NOT offer rental assistance.

Checks are issued directly to the applicable vendor for which the household is seeking assistance. Assistance may not exceed $700.00. 

How to Apply for Emergency Household Assistance

To be eligible to receive funds from the Emergency Household Assistance program, the household must:

  • Obtain a referral from a Dublin city school guidance counselor, pastor from a Dublin community church, or the administration from another Dublin charitable organization. We are unable to consider applications without the required referral. 
  • Live in the City of Dublin or the Dublin City School District  boundaries.
  • Households and the referring agency must complete the Emergency Assistance Application and submit it to: 

Executive Director

Welcome Warehouse

6305 Brand Rd. Dublin, OH 43017 

OR e-mail the application to: executivedirector@welcomewarehouse.org 

Applications are reviewed and approved based on the availability of funds and the applicant meeting the eligibility criteria. Applications for assistance of more than $250.00 must be approved by a vote of the Board of Directors.​